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Southill Stables
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Southill Stables services and pricing

We have a wide choice of services designed to satisfy a range of livery needs - please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Full livery

This service will suit the weekend rider, we muck out, groom, feed and exercise except on those days when you wish to ride yourself. 

Part livery 7 or 5 day

This includes hay or haylage, bedding, feed, use of the facilities and care of the horses.  Should you be unable to ride we will do it for you, although there is an extra charge for this service.

There is also in-out or stand in which includes bedding, hay, feed, changing rugs, turnout, bring in and pick out feet, but does not include exercise, cleaning tack, grooming or trimming horses.  This is available on request although there is an extra charge.

Full and part livery notes

With both the full and part livery the tack is cleaned every time the horse is exercised, but with the grass liveries, in and out or stand in the owner is responsible for cleaning unless we have exercised for you.

Grass livery- All year round


This service is from £39.90 per week all year round with hay included for winter time, the horses are checked twice a day am and pm. Also the field has an open barn they can go in for shelter and for their hay.


We have many years experience in breaking horses from cobs to thoroughbreds. 


We can school your horse on the flat or over coloured poles.  We have several cross country courses in the area and can hire these to school horses over solid obstacles and introduce them to water and ditches.  If you want to sell your horse we can help prepare to sell the horse or pony, help with advertising and show to potential buyers.  If you are also having problems with your horse or pony we will be happy to help.

Rehabilitation & Equissage

We offer a range of rehabilitation services, including Equissage therapy, to assist in recovery from injury.

Rider Tuition

Tuition is available privately on site.


Plaiting, trimming and clipping services are available.